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Unique adult air weapons designed today for the shooters of tomorrow


The Gunpower Storm is an adult air weapon designed today for the shooters of tomorrow.

Walther Match Grade Barrel

The Storm rifle again has all the features of the Stealth but with an 18” (45cm) Lothar Walther match grade barrel which can give either more shots per fill at low velocity or an improved top velocity achieving up to 950 feet per second (330m/s) depending on pellet weight, calibre and power setting.

Because the barrel extends beyond the frame of the rifle a different moderator is used (where permitted), designed from light-weight Carbon Fibre and fully baffled for maximum effect.

Ergonomic Design

The firing system is ergonomically designed with an automatic safety and easily accessible safety release, two stage trigger, an over-sized cocking knob, a large pellet loading port and a burst disc to prevent over filling on the tank.

Technical Specifications

Velocity400-950f.p.s. (120-330m.p.s.) (depending upon calibre, pellet weight and power setting)

Power AdjustmentFactory fixed or user adjustable (where permitted)

Fill Pressure3000psi / 200 bar

ActionSingle shot

Weight5.5Ibs (2.5Kg)

Length33 inches (84cm)

Barrel18 Inches (45cm) Lothar Walther premium match

Calibre.177 (4.5mm), .20 (5.0mm), .22 (5.5mm) & .25 (6.25mm)

Trigger2 stage adjustment for position and over-travel

SightsOpen sights or scopes may be fitted

Air Tank Volume490cc

SafetyAutomatic on cocking can be reset by pushing cocking knob completely forward

Popular AccessoriesView all Accessories
  • CO2 Adaptor

  • Edge Tank

  • DIN Fill System

  • Hand Pump

  • Pistol Tank Spin Lock

  • Pistol Tank Standard

  • Valve Cap

  • Standard Tank Butt Stock

  • 'A' Clamp Quick Fill

  • 'A' Clamp Fill System

  • Re-fill Adaptor

  • Dovetail to Weaver Mounts

  • Sight Aperture

  • Fibre Optic Open Sights

  • Scope [4-16x50] Illuminated Reticle

  • High Scope Mounts

  • Tri-Rail

  • TS1 Front Sight

  • TS1 Rear Sight

  • Hellcat Laser Sight [Image TBC]

  • 12" Lothar Barrel

  • 18" Lothar Barrel

  • 24" Lothar Barrel

  • Accessory Rail

  • Bipod

  • Edge Cheek Piece & Tank

  • Edge Weights

  • Weights

  • Sling Swivels

  • Stealth Silencer

  • Stealth Modular Silencer

  • Carbon Fibre Silencer Storm/SSS

  • Sling & Swivel Set

  • Laptop Bag